Vintage Americana Wedding Inspiration

Americana Wedding Inspiration | Iron Leaf Press

Somehow it’s already July and the smells of barbecues and sounds of fireworks will soon be here! With that in mind, we partnered with some amazing vendors to use the 4th of July as an influence for a vintage, Americana inspired wedding. Gold foil menus were designed and printed, with a vintage feel, at Iron Leaf Press.

Check out all the inspiration and all of the fantastic vendors that put together this shoot (listed at the end of this post). For more images, be sure to check out the post at Bride Meets Wedding!   Continue reading

Saturday Inspiration | Western Style Typography

Bean Typography

I have this mildly odd obsession with stopping to admire or comment on typography when I’m out and about. My boyfriend certainly knows about it, as do most of my friends and family. I snapped a couple of photos recently without realizing how similar the typography was between them.

I was grocery shopping and found this awesome label in the canned goods section. Trying to nonchalantly take a photo of a can of beans in the grocery store is not an easy task. The woman down the aisle definitely gave me some odd looks. “Trust me lady, I just like the serifs on this bean label” might sound a bit crazy to the average individual — but seriously — look at the serifs there! Almost like they’re extended, loopy, ball terminals. And I love how the angles are replicated, even with the crossbar in the “A.”

Jean Jacket LabelI also snapped this little gem at my parents house a few weeks back. I stole borrowed this jean jacket that was my dad’s (hi dad!) in the 70’s and the label caught my eye. Again, the triangles/arrows/angles are on the sides of the type (anyone know what those are called??) and the rounded serifs are the icing on the cake. Plus, that little “Blue Bell” logo is pretty fun.

Anyway, that’s a peek into my typography-loving world. And, as an extra bonus, I’ve complied a few typefaces with a modern take on the Western Style. Check them out: Cirque, Reina, Haymaker 


Saturday Inspiration | Spring and Metallics

New Planter

And all the sudden, it’s May! This spring has been flying by, but the weather hasn’t really been too cooperative in Iowa. Earlier this week we hit highs in the 70’s and 80’s, only to end the week in 35 degree temperatures and lots of rain/snow across the state.

With the almost summer-y weather earlier this week, I decided to take a break from printing and do a bit of gardening. I’ve always enjoyed since a kid — mom would always let my brother and I help with the annual spring planting and I think that’s probably why I like it so much.

Mr. Pine Tree

I had purchased the cutest little tree from Bark and Bloom before the winter holidays (in part to say I had a real Christmas tree to compliment my aluminum one). He was in need of a bigger home when by the time spring came around and I stumbled upon this bronze vase/planter. I’ve been loving all the metallics in fashion, home decor, and paper goods this year, and thought this would be the perfect new home. Little Mr. Tree has been replanted and is hanging out with his new friend, Mr. Cactus. I’ve been known to have a bit of a black thumb, but Mr. Cactus has been sticking it out with me since 2005. The brass on the vintage planter also pairs nicely with the shine of his new neighbor.

Mr. Cactus

Let’s hope this weather straightens out and I can get the rest of my goodies planted!

The bronze planter was purchased at Menards, but I can’t seem to locate it online. Here are some similar metallic planters/vases from Etsy: copper planter from Sea and Asters, vintage copper vase from Amy’s Vintage Decorium, and copper and white vase from The Object Ethusiast.

Saturday Inspiration

Iron Leaf Press

Looking for this week’s inspiration post was a bit more of a challenge than it usually is. Don’t get me wrong, I look at all sorts of inspiring pieces throughout the week, but this time,  nothing stuck out. Sometimes, it just takes some of your favorite people to help you out. My favorite mister sent me a little ole link-y link to this article. He knows how much I geek out over all things related to printing and design (plus he’s pretty wonderful and enjoys seeing me nerd out).

The article describes a hymnal, dating from 1640, that is set to go up for auction and could bring $30 million. While, the auction price doesn’t intrigue me a ton (unless they want to send some of that cash this way), I was really interested in the fact that this was supposedly the first printed book in the Americas, printing 1,700 copies “on a press shipped over from London.” The permanence of this book and the effect that printing had on the future literacy in America is immense. The printing utilized in creating this hymnal wouldn’t be that different from the type of printing we do at Iron Leaf Press. I like to think that the items we create will bear a sense of permanence as well.

Be sure to check out the article and the photos of the book as well. Have a great Saturday!