Happy New Year!

We’ve made it into 2013! The holiday season was a bit on the chaotic side this past year and I’m glad to look forward to what 2013 has to offer. I’m finally catching up after all the holiday travels (more on that later), but I did want to share some excitement from the holidays.

My friends and family always put up with my odd gift requests and Santa must have thought I had been good this year.

Triumph Paper Trimmer

John found an industrial paper cutter for me, which means much faster and more efficient work for ILP. He was sneaky and told me he was out shopping around town, when in reality, he had driven an hour away to pick up the 70 lb. antique cutter in an old storefront filled with antique printing odds and ends. He contacted one of my printer friends to get the in on the “black market” of antique letterpress goods. So thoughtful, that guy.

Triumph Paper Cutter

The blade needs sharpened and a bit of cleaning, but overall, it’s in good shape and still cuts. It has no zip code on it, so pre-1963 at least.

New Type

And, because I was extra good this year, Santa (aka the parentals) also got me some NEW type. Skyline Type Foundry casts new metal type (the heavy packages were a dead-giveaway) and I also received some new wood type from Moore Wood Type. Both great companies, run by great people. I’m excited to get printing — I see Valentine’s Day cards in the near future!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Can I ask how you like your new Triumph cutter? I’m just getting started in letterpress, just bought a press, and now need a cutter. I know that everyone says that the old Challenge cutters are the best, but after moving our huge heavy press, can’t bring myself to move an 800 lb cutter now too. There is a Triumph 4705, I believe, for sale not far from my shop and I was thinking of getting it but wondering how it handles larger stacks of thick letterpress paper when trimming business cards, for example. The seller says it can cut up to 200 or so sheets of regular bond paper, wondering how it does with something like lettra, and how exact the cut is.
    Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Jessie,
      Unfortunately, I haven’t had much of a chance to use it yet. I’m hoping to get the blade sent out for sharpening this week. I did a bit of research on modern paper cutters before I was gifted this one, and from what I can tell, the older cutters are more sturdy. The weight issue is the main concern for me as well—I’m in a rental on the second floor, so everything that comes up the stairs, will eventually need to go back down when I decide to move again.

      The paper I have cut with it seems to be true to the measure. I haven’t tried any Lettra yet, but I’m thinking the blade will need to be sharpened before I try on more expensive paper.

      In the past, I’ve had paper cut at a local copy shop. They charged $1.00 per cut, but then I didn’t have to manually cut down 200 business cards.

      Hope that helps and you find a paper cutter that works well for you!

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