Printing at Iron Leaf Press

What is letterpress printing?

Letterpress printing is a early form of printing, dating from the mid-1500’s. It was the standard form of printing up until the mid 20th-century when offset printing was developed. Today it is still used for its tactile quality and unique finishes.

Letterpress printing is simply inking a raised surface and pressing it into paper. This can be done using metal or wood type, linoleum/wood engraving, or printing plates. In the past a light or “kiss” impression was desirable, while many today seek a deep impression into the paper. Our shop uses a deep impression when using printing plates, but uses a lighter touch with metal or wood type to keep them preserved for years to come.

What other finishing services do you offer?

In addition to letterpress printing, we do blind embossing as well as foil stamping.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Letterpress printing is very labor intensive, with much of the cost in the set-up, along with plate costs. Because of this, we recommend a minimum of 25 pieces for our orders. Lower quantities will be subject to a minimum order fee. 

Do you make copies or print things digitally?

We try to stick with letterpress printing as much as possible in our shop. We do not offer copy services nor offset printing. On occasion we will use digital printing for things like printing guest addresses on envelopes, but do not generally take orders that are only printed digitally.

How large can you print at Iron Leaf Press?

In our shop we can print up to 8″ x 10″ easily and up to 12″ x 16″ depending upon the design and specifications. 

What type of papers work best for letterpress?

Our house paper is Crane’s Lettra, which is a 100% cotton paper, made from recovered fibers of the cotton industry. It comes in three shades: fluorescent (bright white), pearl (ivory), and ecru (cream). We also have printed on a number of other paper stocks, including papers of various colors. Feel free to ask us about papers suitable for letterpress printing.

What is your turn-around time?

Typically our turn-around time is 7-10 business days. We can expedite orders if a quicker turn-around time is needed.

Wedding Invitations and Paper Goods

I love the idea of having letterpress wedding invitations. How do I get started?

We love to chat first to get an idea of what your wedding will be like and what your expectations are for your wedding invitations. Whether you know exactly what you want, or are clueless when it comes to invitations, we’re here to help you and your partner.

Once we chat in-person, on the phone, or online, we put together a quote for your invitations. If the quote works for you and your partner, a deposit is required and the design process begins. An initial draft and two rounds of revisions are included in all wedding invitation orders.

Once the design is approved, everything moves into production and final payment is due at completion of the project.

How much do letterpress invitations cost?

The beauty of letterpress printing is that you can do so many different things, which means the costs can vary quite a bit depending on paper stock, number of colors, and the various pieces included within a suite. In general, most custom designed wedding invitations begin around $850. Please contact us for a quote. 

When should I be ordering save-the-dates and wedding invitations?

Four to six months before your wedding date is when you should start the wedding invitation process. This insures that we have plenty of time to get all the details correct and aren’t rushing to get them in the mail. If you would like to send save-the-dates, we should start that process eight to ten months before the date. Destination wedding save-the-dates are often sent out earlier. That process should start twelve months out.

When should save-the-dates and wedding invitations be mailed?

Save-the-dates should be mailed 6-8 months before the event date. Destination wedding save-the-dates are generally sent out 8-10 months in advance.

Wedding invites are usually mailed 6-8 weeks in advance. Destination wedding invites are usually sent 8-12 weeks before the event.

Can you print from an already created design?

We offer design services for all of our clients, but are also happy to print a design or logo created by someone else, provided it is a press-ready file and the original artist has granted permission for use. 

I found the perfect invitation. Can you recreate it?

We do not recreate other designer’s work. We can work with you to create something inspired by the look you found, but cannot ethically copy another person’s work.

Can you design and/or print other items for our wedding?

Definitely! We love incorporating details from your paper goods throughout the entire wedding. We do menus, place cards, favors, programs, signage, and more! We’ve even used design elements for buttons and pint glasses as well. 

Can you print on envelopes?

Yes! We can pre-print return and guest addresses on envelopes.

What about calligraphy or wax seals?

We can incorporate custom wax seals within or on the outside of your invitations. For hand written calligraphy, we work with two local calligraphers to address wedding invitations. 

Is invitation assembly included?

We can certainly assemble, stamp, and provide your invitations ready to mail. Please let us know if you would like this included in your quote. 

Shipping, Orders and Returns


Items are shipped via USPS. Single cards are shipped in a kraft, stay-flat mailer. Most other items are shipped in a bubble wrap mailer or small boxes. Posters are shipped in stay flat mailers or cardboard tubes depending on size. Once shipped, please note we are not responsible for any lost or undelivered packages.

Who should I to contact if I have any queries?

Please contact us at info@ironleafpress.com for any questions.

Returns and exchanges

If there is a problem with your order, we will do our best to make things right. Please send contact us within 7 days of receiving your order and we can work together on a solution.