Press Moving: Part 1

Things in the new studio are going swimmingly and most everything is finally moved in (just need to organize!). Leading up to the Grand Opening (next Friday already!), I thought I’d recap the biggest moving project — my Chandler and Price 10 x 15 printing press. This is Part 1 or what I like to call: A Lesson in Basic Physics.Press Moving

I purchased the press from a fellow printer, located in Duluth, Minnesota. Press moving ended up being on the first weekend of April and I convinced my dad and boyfriend to assist in the move. Although it was a decently warm April day in Iowa, it started snowing/sleeting once we got within a half an hour of Duluth (see lots of snow in the photo above).

As with all large moving projects, they come with lots of challenges. Challenge #1: The press was waayyyy in the back of this trailer. In the photos I had seen before the move, the trailer was empty. Not so much when we got there. We cleared a path and strapped a come-a-long to the press and low and behold, simple physics worked and the press scooted along the floor of the trailer.

Press Moving

Once the press was to the front of the trailer (after moving more boxes and stuff around), we lined the trailer bed up with the edge of the trailer, which leads us to Challenge #2: Snow/sleet makes a gravel alleyway into a big mud-pit. Luckily my boyfriend brought along some jack stands to help support the edge of the trailer bed. (And to caption the above photo—another use of simple physics–John used the 2×4 as a lever to align the press).

One positive of the snow and sleet was its ability to reduce the friction as we slid the press across the trailer bed. We used the come-a-long again and the icy layer helped the press slide onto the trailer.

Press Moving

Challenge #3: The alleyway was rather narrow, but champion trailer-driver dad managed to get the truck up on to the snow bank a bit to get the right angle.
Press Moving

Press was all strapped down and my boyfriend insisted on taking this photo of me with the new press (does it look like I’m shivering in this photo? — because I think I was).

All in all, it took us about an hour, hour and a half to get the press loaded up and then we were on our way back to Iowa. The snow/sleet made for a nervous drive out a Duluth as we saw close to a dozen cars in the ditch.

Once we were back to my hometown, I cleaned and oiled up the press before it went into storage at a warehouse at my dad’s work. Eventually it made the trek down to the new studio space and that I will save for Part 2 of the press moving adventure.

Post script (as if this blog post wasn’t long enough): While we were moving the press, an older, neighbor man came through the alley, walking his dog. He stopped by and the first thing he said was “oh, it’s an old printing press! We had one in the shop in high school.” He stopped and chatted/watched for a bit and then went on his way. I love seeing reactions to the old printing equipment!

Post post script: Thanks to my dad and boyfriend for all the help in the move! I couldn’t have done it without you two!