Midwest & Great Northern Printers Fair

Printers Hall

The 21st Annual Midwest & Great Northern Printers Fair is coming up in less than a month! This will be my 7th year attending the Printers Fair and it holds a special place in my printer heart. (Photo above was taken during the Printers Fair a couple of years back by one of the larger presses they have at Printers Hall)

Iron Hand Press

Printers Hall is a working museum/print shop on the Threshers Grounds in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. They house dozens of presses and equipment, most of which are in working condition. When I was first interested in letterpress, I decided to check out the Printers Fair all those years ago. Eventually, my first press came out of my visit to Printers Hall and the second press came a couple of years later from the same place. Last summer I also attended the Ladies of Letterpress Conference, Type on the Cob, held at Printers Hall.

Printers Hall

While there, I’ve met many printers whom have become good friends and mentors. I’m really looking forward to this year’s Printers Fair and would encourage those interested in learning a bit more about letterpress, to take the trip to Mt. Pleasant in September.

For more info about the events of this year’s Printers Fair, I’ve posted some details here on the Ladies of Letterpress site. Also check out the Old Threshers site for more photos and info about Printers Hall.