Big News! We’re Moving!

Iron Leaf Press is Moving

That’s right folks, we’re doing another press move! Some of you may remember that the studio space in Lisbon is an incubator of sorts. When I moved in, I knew that it was temporary and it was a way to get a bigger space and build the business. Now that we’ve been in that space almost two and half years, its time to move out of the incubator and into our own little coop!

We’ll be moving the presses and our paper goodies back to where Iron Leaf Press started – in downtown Mount Vernon. It just so happens that it’s the same building that Iron Leaf Press started in, but instead of the upper floor apartment, we’ll be in the retail storefront down below.

And making 2015 a big year, Iron Leaf Press’s owner, Danielle Ameling (that’s me!), will be getting married this October and getting a new last name. John has helped the business from the ground up (somehow I even convinced him to help bring home ILP’s biggest press in the middle of some snow/sleet – fun photos here!) and I’m pretty excited to be getting hitched to him.

To prep for the wedding and studio move, the Iron Leaf Press location in Lisbon will be closed beginning Monday, September 28th and we will reopen in our Mount Vernon location mid-October. We’ll have a big grand opening in the new location as soon as the dust settles.

*New contact info as of October 15, 2015*
Iron Leaf Press
Danielle Chargo
102 First Street SW
Mount Vernon, IA 52314
info (at) ironleafpress (dot) com

Phone, email, and website info all remain the same. We also will be keeping our PO Box in Lisbon for awhile after the move.

Press Moving: Part 1

Things in the new studio are going swimmingly and most everything is finally moved in (just need to organize!). Leading up to the Grand Opening (next Friday already!), I thought I’d recap the biggest moving project — my Chandler and Price 10 x 15 printing press. This is Part 1 or what I like to call: A Lesson in Basic Physics.Press Moving

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Saturday Inspiration

Iron Leaf Press

Looking for this week’s inspiration post was a bit more of a challenge than it usually is. Don’t get me wrong, I look at all sorts of inspiring pieces throughout the week, but this time,  nothing stuck out. Sometimes, it just takes some of your favorite people to help you out. My favorite mister sent me a little ole link-y link to this article. He knows how much I geek out over all things related to printing and design (plus he’s pretty wonderful and enjoys seeing me nerd out).

The article describes a hymnal, dating from 1640, that is set to go up for auction and could bring $30 million. While, the auction price doesn’t intrigue me a ton (unless they want to send some of that cash this way), I was really interested in the fact that this was supposedly the first printed book in the Americas, printing 1,700 copies “on a press shipped over from London.” The permanence of this book and the effect that printing had on the future literacy in America is immense. The printing utilized in creating this hymnal wouldn’t be that different from the type of printing we do at Iron Leaf Press. I like to think that the items we create will bear a sense of permanence as well.

Be sure to check out the article and the photos of the book as well. Have a great Saturday!

Holiday Cards

Iron Leaf Press Holiday Card

A few months back (how time flies!) I printed some holiday cards for Iron Leaf Press. I wanted them to be a bit more unique than a traditional, folded card, so after a bit of brainstorming and designing, a paper ornament came to mind (because who doesn’t like paper and ornaments??).

I happened to have some round coaster stock on hand and figured they would work great. They also make a nice textural element to the cards. I paired them with kraft paper and black ink for a more neutral palette, with a pop of gold in the envelopes and ornament hanger.

Iron Leaf Press Holiday Card

These cards are now up for competition in Neenah Paper’s Un-show. Please go take a gander and vote for me. To vote, click here and search for “Iron Leaf Press” on their site.

Iron Leaf Press Holiday Card

Neenah Paper also launched The Beauty of Letterpress, a site celebrating all that is letterpress. These cards are posted there and I plan on adding more work there as time goes on. In the mean time, check out the Un-show and take a minute to vote!