Slow Saturdays

Slow Saturdays are the best kind of days. With no plans this past weekend, life was full of sleeping in, light reading, and impromptu road-trips.

Platen Press Operation

I took some time to dig in to a new press book, Platen Press Operation. So far I’ve really enjoyed it and am hoping to include more reading in my days, even if I’m “too busy.”

With the open weekend, John and I also took a spontaneous roadtrip to Elkader, Iowa to try out 2 Mit Burgers. They are steamed burgers, topped with grilled onions and cheese, with a bakery bun, made just down the street at Pedretti’s Bakery. 2 Mit Burgers are made in a small little building, just open during the summer months. We spotted a little bench near the river in the main street district and enjoyed a impromptu little picnic. (There isn’t much online about 2 Mit Burgers, but there are a few other reviews here and here.)  Continue reading

Texas Round-up

Big TexA couple of weeks ago (my, how times flys), I spent some time in Texas with a few friends. We visited the Texas State Fair (and ate way too much fried food) and got to see Big Tex. Big Tex has been greeting visitors to the Texas State Fair since 1952, with his slogan, “Howdy, Folks.” Luckily, we happened to be there the day before Big Tex was destroyed by a fire, which caused quite the scene I’m told.

We also made a stop in Shiner, Texas and spotted a bit of typography while we were there. The small town still has many historic structures intact and I loved the mosaic tile entrances in the storefronts in Shiner’s downtown. I’ve seen these in other places before, nearly every building had these tiled entrances. I forsee a mosaic letterpress print in the future.

Mosaic Tile EntranceMosaic Tiles1911 Star