What’s on Press: Woodworker’s Labels

Woodworker's Labels | Iron Leaf Press

While most of our letterpress work is done with digital files that are turned into plates for printing, we get an occasional job that is done with handset type.
Antique Label

John contacted us about creating some labels for the cabinets and chairs he creates. He sent along an inspiration image of an antique calling card. This card would have been printed via letterpress and handset type back when it was first printed. We couldn’t resist the challenge to print his labels in the same way.Woodworker's Labels | Iron Leaf Press

We used two typefaces from our collection and a new border that was purchased from Skyline Type Foundry, specifically for this project (the little box holds all of the tiny, 12 point pieces of border). The type was set with a Bodoni-like face, combined with Copperplate Gothic and a short rule. Woodworker's Labels | Iron Leaf Press

The labels were printed with black ink on 100% cotton paper from Crane, with the label adhesive added after printing. Thanks to John for the fun challenge!

What’s on Press: Bandwidth Pool Stationery

Blind Impression Letterpress | Bandwidth Pool | Iron Leaf Press

Working with other entrepreneurs is one of my favorite parts of my business! Ben at Bandwidth Pool came to Iron Leaf Press looking for some special notecards. He loved the looked of blind impression (printing without ink, leaving just a depression into the paper). We printed his logo on 110# bright-white cotton paper and chose bright blue envelopes to match his logo.
Blind Impression Letterpress | Bandwidth Pool | Iron Leaf Press

Check out more about Bandwidth Pool here. Thanks Ben!


A Year in Review

Iron Leaf Press Grand Opening

I can hardly believe its been over a year ago that Iron Leaf Press moved into the Project Bright Idea building in Lisbon (the photo above is from the Grand Opening)! When I started looking for a studio space a year and half ago, I wasn’t quite sure where business would take me. Now, a year later, here’s a bit of a recap on the milestones of the year:

1. Iron Leaf Press’s Grand Opening was last June, and the business continued to grow throughout 2013. I was able to make the leap to being in the studio full-time by January 2014. While I won’t say its been easy (or without tears at times), it has been an exciting time to wake up everyday and do things I love everyday.

2. Iron Leaf Press won it’s second American Advertising Award this past February. Awards aren’t everything in business, but this particular one has a special place in my heart. The awards are selected by industry peers and make me feel proud to be providing quality design and printing for my clients. (see the award-winning projects here and here)

3. Iron Leaf Press greeting cards and paper goods are available at five retailers around the state of Iowa. I love each and every one of our retailers and I hope this number grows over the next year (know of a great store that would be a good fit? Let me know with the form here). I’m nearly wrapped up with the new wholesale catalog and can’t wait to share!

4. The final milestone has been meeting and becoming friends with so many clients, industry peers, and mentors. I couldn’t be here without you and I want to thank each and every one of you for helping my business grow. Thank you! Here’s to year two!

What’s on Press: Blush and Gold Wedding Invites

Blush & Gold Wedding Invites | Iron Leaf Press

We’ve been loving the look of metallics in weddings this summer. Catherine and Shane came to Iron Leaf Press looking for invites for their June wedding, with a blush and gold palette. We worked on a look that matched their casual, elegant wedding celebration, pairing a swash-filled script with some Roman small-caps. Continue reading